YA Sci-Fi !

Blind, female protagonist !

Completed at 64k words !


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When something from space lands in the parking lot outside the pizza shop, Meg knows she’s in trouble.


There’s rumblings in town that something like this has happened before but Meg and June just want to ignore it along with the crowd of UFO fanatics it draws. In an unsuccessful attempt to do just that, they discover a secret door in the basement they can’t get open—and it’s right below where the “object” landed.


Their new friend, Sev, a zoologist from the team sent to investigate, also seems to know much more than he’s letting on. They discover he’s in possession of the journals and blueprints that just might connect the dots between the object outside and the room downstairs.


When confronted, Sev starts talking about the dodo bird.


Somehow, the last full specimen found its way to their tiny, lakefront town. Sev’s uncle tried and mysteriously failed to retrieve it and now it’s up to them to finish the job.


Together, Meg, June, and Sev must unravel the mystery connecting the object that fell with the last dodo bird on Earth—and they’re not the only ones searching.


THE DODO AND THE SPACESHIP OUTSIDE is a sci-fi YA novel completed at 64,000 words.


It’s all experienced though the ears, hands, and nose of Meg, who is blind.


Comparables are “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” meets “Cinder.”


I’m currently a creative copywriter at BBDO, a large advertising agency. This novel was workshopped over a semester under Brandon Sanderson and he has promised a blurb once it’s published.


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